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The Eggcitement Cemetery Popup Event Vendor Signup

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Saturday April 1, 2023 

11:00 am - 4 :00 pm   

Easter Egg Hunt at 2:00 pm  


The Eggcitement Cemetery Popup Event Vendor Signup

Board of Trustees of the Historic Wilmington Cemetery invites any entrepreneurs or informational vendors to take advantage of this nearly FREE event. 

Cost for participation Donation of filled Easter Baskets 1 for a Boy and another for a Girl.  Supports Straight from the Heart annual Easter Event. (Bring them with you the day of the event prior to setup) Use your imagination either create one with ideas and treats from the heart or purchase one already made up to donate. It's your choice.    

Guidelines (subject to change without notice) Please check back frequently on social media and web site for updates or changes)

No self-assigning or reserve of spots (No exceptions) All designation on spots are assigned by the Wilmington Cemetery in the order they received including signups done over the phone.

10 x 10 space is what is offered so we may have many vendors and information booths participate. If you need anything larger, please call the Wilmington Cemetery 310-834-4442 So we may try to accommodate you.

Please bring your own canopy, tables, power, signage etc. The cemetery does not supply any accommodations, As well something with you to hold down your canopies, pop ups from blowing away or falling down from the weather elements, may we suggest, canopy weights from Big 5, Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart etc. or regular free weights, cinder blocks or small bags of cement with rope or bungee cord. Tent Legs or spikes may not be ideal because your spot may not be near grass or soft area. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you require water, please bring your own as the water on site is reclaimed and not drinkable.

When arriving and unloading do not block the front entrance or driveway of the cemetery which includes double parking. Please bring help to unload and move your vehicle quickly so visitors and special needs may move freely without gridlock entering the cemetery.

Street parking is public so there is no reserving or blocking. Cemetery / BSNF private convenience lot is an unmarked so please be a good neighbor and park correctly so others that attend the cemetery may park as well. Park at your own risk as we assume no responsibility for any theft, damage or injury to the vehicle or occupants parked there. Either hide your valuables, or take them with you.    

For any questions in regards to participating in the pop up contact the office 310-834-4442

Please review and click below to sign up.

* Signing up for this event you acknowledge the Guidelines (and any and all subject(s) to change(s) without notice(s) Thank you! for participating and being part of this fun and safe event. 

The Eggcitement Cemetery Popup Event Vendor Signup